Bybloserve Management Ltd

Bybloserve Management Ltd is an affiliate of Frangos & Associates LLC specifically designed to provide specialised corporate management, trust and fiduciary services to a respectable volume of high net worth corporations and individuals around the globe.
Worldwide Corporate Services

Our team of professionals will structure your company in accordance with the legislation of the chosen...

Banking Services

Our close links and cooperation with the banking sector in Cyprus allow us to provide a vast range of...

Advisory Services

Our team of lawyers, tax advisors and accountants are constantly updated on all areas of the rapidly...

Immigration Services

We are extensively experienced in the field of immigration and offer a wide range of services pertaining to...

Management & Administration

Our firm is in a position to provide the A to Z on corporate management and administration. The day to day...

Office Services

Bybloserve provides affordable office solutions for individual, businesses and organizations seeking to...

Trust & Foundations

International trust and foundations are commonly used tools in internationally tax planning and asset...


Our office operates a complete accountancy department with qualified and experienced accountancy personnel....

News & Publications

UK’s Register of Overseas Entities – Obligations and Liabilities

Obligation to register in Register of Oversea Entities (“ROE”)

ІІІ International Conference - Beneficial business structuring.

ІІІ International Conference - Beneficial business structuring...

International Wealth Forum

International Wealth Forum

Our ambition for success and professional excellence have well placed our Firm in the fiercely competitive market of corporate management.

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