Management & Administration

Our firm is in a position to provide the A to Z on corporate management and administration. The day to day management of our companies is executed with great care and in close cooperation with our clients. Speed and reliability characterize our work.

Our service includes:

  • Physical and corporate nominee shareholders for clients who wish to retain their anonymity and take advantage of the applicable trust laws.
  • Corporate and physical directors.
  • Registered office address, secretarial services and office facilities.
  • Mail handling and forwarding.
  • Preparation of minutes of board of
  • Directors meetings or other meetings.
  • Keeping the registry and company books.
  • Translation of documents.
  • Monitoring the execution of banking transactions.
  • Notarization, certification, apostil and legalization of documents.
  • Filing and annual returns.
  • Organization of annual general meetings.
  • Execution of any corporate amendments.
  • Provision of all types of corporate certificates and relevant documents.