ILIUM Capital Ltd

Dear Clients,

We are glad to announce the appointment of our affiliate company, I. Frangos & Associates LLC as External Legal Consultants of ILIUM Capital RAIF V.C.I.C. Ltd (hereafter “the Fund” or “ILIUM Capital”) with registration number HE409080, a Cyprus based Registered Alternative Investment Fund (“RAIF”) regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (“CySEC”) with CySEC License number RAIF34 registered on 16th of July 2020 (please refer to the CySEC website with the Licence information included herein). 

ILIUM Capital provides an alternative route for those looking to create a cost-effective investment vehicle at a relatively short period of time. Not only this ensures that Cyprus remains competitive on the international market as a fund jurisdiction but also makes Cyprus a reliable, efficient, and attractive player in EU fund industry. More specifically, Cyprus serves a strong link for investment in and out of Europe and has an easy access to Eurasia, Russia and the CIS region, China, India, and other emerging markets.

In addition, the Fund provides distribution opportunities to a wide range of markets. Cyprus as an EU member state and a regional and international business centre enjoys several additional comparative advantages such as transparent and efficient tax system, common law and legal system, resilient economy, and modern infrastructure. The structure of the Fund allows you to create within the Fund investment compartments that are completely segregated and independent from each other having their own individual strategy and rules.

ILIUM Capital offers to its clients an effective investment strategy as follows:
  • Strategies that address their individual risk return requirements;
  • Tailor-made solutions that take into consideration the size of assets under management, the anticipated number of investors in the Fund, and the number of transactions per year;
  • Commercial offer formed for each investor individually;
  • Sub fund formation and additional investment units according to the client’s business needs;
  • Maintenance of mandatory registers (register of directors, investors, pledges, etc);
  • Annual net asset valuation (NAV);
  • Fund administration and independent NAV calculation.
You may also refer to the Fund’s website for further information that may be required
Do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification or further information you may request.
Gavriella Hadjigavriel
Tel. +357 24 812575
57 Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue
6051, Larnaca, Cyprus

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